About Us

Our about us is really an ABOUT YOU

PowerIce is dedicated to helping people simplify their life and reduce stress while increasing their talent year-round.  

We want to make it easy for everyone to get as much Ice time – Anytime as possible.

Who are we?

 Our team is an unusual mix of talent that you rarely find under one roof. Engineers, University sport stars, Lab technicians, Parents, and Teenagers working together to close the gap between synthetic ice and actual ice.

We know how hard and costly it is to get ice time, PowerIce provides Ice time – Anytime! Being family oriented like ourselves we know how important keeping the family together is.  That’s why having PowerIce in your home, backyard, driveway or garage allows you to spend more time with your family.

We have got all angles covered! That’s the wonderful part. We understand what you need, PowerIce provides you with the opportunity to work on conditioning and enhance your focus levels so that when you return to the ice it’s like you never left!

One of our greatest assets is a genuine concern to help others.

  • Save money – investing in PowerIce and having it right in your own yard is priceless. Renting an arena can cost upwards of $200 + an hour.
  • It’s a real pleasure when we help make life easier for parents instead of driving around to meet ice-time schedules they can relax at home and watch their athlete’s talent improve each day.
  • Helping a goalie coach or goalie training center maximize the practical training aspects right at their location.
  • Helping professional athletes stay conditioned during the off-season wherever they reside

We are so proud of our product, we know you will be too! We let our product and our customers do the talking.

PowerIce is constantly being tested and uniquely designed for high end user performance. Our team has spent 1,000’s of hours working on developing and refining PowerIce. We love working with our entire team and see it all come together!

We can’t wait for you to be able to enjoy PowerIce too. Exciting times are ahead.

Ice time - Anytime!