Synthetic Ice FAQs

Who uses Synthetic Ice?

Anyone! Whether you are just learning to skate for the first time or you’re an elite hockey player, figure skater etc. Synthetic Ice is for everyone!  It is a perfect surface to practice your sport or just have some fun skating with friends.

Where can Synthetic Ice be used?

PowerIce can be used anywhere, anytime! You will need as flat of a surface as possible for best results.  It can be used in the basement, outside in the yard, on the driveway, in the garage or even on your deck. As long as it is flat you can have ice time – anytime!

Does PowerIce Synthetic Ice mimic real ice?

Yes, PowerIce is specifically engineered to mimic a natural ice. Inherent self-lubricating properties of this engineered synthetic resin provide a low-co-efficient of friction that allows ice skating blades to glide effortlessly without any surface moisture or additional lubrication required.

Does PowerIce Synthetic Ice need a lubricant?

No! PowerIce is designed with self lubricating technology that never requires maintenance.  Other products on the market require costly lubricants leaving your ice unusable for up to 24 hours.  With PowerIce’s proprietary recipe you’ll never have to “flood” the ice again!

How long will my PowerIce rink last?

PowerIce rinks are designed to be used daily however usage for everyone is different.  While we would love to give a definitive timeline, everyone’s training needs are different resulting in different wear.  PowerIce has the same technology on both sides, so when the time comes to change one or more tiles, pop it out and flip it over and it is a brand-new rink surface on the other side!

Is PowerIce UV protected?

Yes! Unlike most competitors they have an added layer a few sheets below which causes quick discoloration, PowerIce is formulated to be chemical and UV resistant, while maintaining excellent impact strength.

Is there a weight limit on my Synthetic Ice rink?

No, there is absolutely no weight limit for PowerIce rinks!  PowerIce is designed to even have cars and trucks parked on them.  Perfect for those driveway rinks that you don’t want to move every day!

Are PowerIce Synthetic Ice Tiles difficult to install?

PowerIce has a patent pending friction locking design that is extremely easy to install with only 1 person!

How long will it take me to install my Synthetic Ice rink?

PowerIce installation varies depending on size, you should have your 10’ x 10’ rink ready to go in as little as 1 hour!  Larger rinks may require a bit more installation time.

Do I have to wait a certain amount of time after I install PowerIce before I skate on it?

No! There is absolutely no need to wait – grab your skates and jump on right away

Will my skateblade get stuck in the seams of my Synthetic Ice rink?

Your skates will NEVER get stuck with PowerIce’s patent pending design.  Our friction locking design allows worry free skating and stopping. 

How thick are Synthetic Ice tiles?

PowerIce tiles are 3/8” which is thicker than most synthetic ice surfaces on the market.  This thickness gives you the worry free guarantee that you won’t “fall through” the ice.

How do I maintain my Synthetic Ice rink?

PowerIce is very low maintenance.  To keep clean it is recommended to sweep away the plastic shavings and from time to time using a damp mop to keep the product in like new condition!

Can I use Synthetic Ice during any season?

Yes! You can use PowerIce and skate all year.  PowerIce is meant to be used in all weather conditions, perfect for those winters where it doesn’t get cold enough to build a natural rink! We highly advise caution when using in the rain as it does become very slippery.

Where is PowerIce Synthetic Ice made?

Quality synthetic ice is our passion.  We are constantly testing and researching our synthetic ice product to ensure you have the best ice for the best price on the market! PowerIce is proudly engineered, tested and manufactured in Thorold Ontario, Canada!

Can I use regular ice skates on Synthetic Ice?

 Yes, any type of ice skates work well on PowerIce

Does Synthetic Ice scratch?

Scratches in the surface are normal and expected. Our trademarked AAF™ (Accelerated Anti-Friction) is through the entire thickness of the panel, therefore you will always continue to enjoy an excellent skating surface.

Should I be worried about scratches in the surface?

 No; it is normal for the surface to be scratched. In fact, PowerIce was engineered to work as good or even better with scratches! If you concerned about the looks, then it is possible to scrape the surface using a paint scraper or for large areas an ice scraper can be used.

Will Synthetic Ice ruin my skates?

 No, PowerIce has no abnormal effects on skate blades. Regular sharpening of skate blades is required just like on real ice.

What is the life span on PowerIce Tiles?

 It will last anywhere from 5 to 15 years depending on how much you use it. Keep in mind that you can flip all the panels over to double the life of your ice! With proper care and use it will provide years of enjoyment and training.

Can both sides of PowerIce Tiles be used?

Yes. The interlocking panels are designed to work either way. The panels can be easily separated and reinstalled “upside down”. This will double the service life of your skating surface!

How do I clean Synthetic Ice?

There are a number of ways that it can be cleaned. Pressure washing is the easiest, however for indoor rinks or if you don't have a pressure washer this is not possible. To clean PowerIce, broom off any debris & dust.  Then take a pail of warm water with mild dish soap and mop the surface. Use a towel or squeegee to dry the top surface.

What is Synthetic Ice made out of?

PowerIce Synthetic Ice is made from our proprietary blend of self lubricating HDPE plastic. Our self-lubricating technology allows our plastic ice tiles to keep its real ice feel through out its life. This also allows the plastic ice tiles to be double sided meaning you can flip it over and have a brand new rink!