PowerIce | Synthetic Ice Installation Guide

Thank you for purchasing PowerIce Synthetic Ice. Please follow the directions to ensure proper installation.

Tools required:

  • Safety Glasses
  • Rubber/ Plastic Mallet 
  • Tape Measure

Safety First! PowerIce Synthetic Ice tiles are very slippery. Use extreme caution when handling or stepping on panels.


  1. Prepare your area to ensure a flat surface free of dirt to install your PowerIce on. A concrete surface is best, however other surfaces will work if they are flat.
  2. Loosely lay out the Main Tile panels to verify the width you are working with. (Panels can be turned any way you wish, however they are typically installed in the same direction as the rink.)
  3. Start by aligning the first 2 panels you are connecting.
  4. Carefully tap the panel into place, starting at one end and working across to the other side.
  5. Once you have connected the panels, tap along the seam to ensure they are fully seated flush.
  6. Repeat until you have connected one row across the width of your PowerIce rink.
  7. Confirm the location of this row; adjust as needed to make correction.
  8. Install 1 Edge Tile on each side to finish the width of this row. The Edge Tile starts where the Main tile starts; later a Corner Tile will fill in the corner gap.
  9. Continue adding Main PowerIce panels to reach the length required.
  10. When Main panels are in place, install the Edge Tiles, ensuring not to extend these past any Main Tile edges.
  11. Install 4 Corner Tiles to complete the installation.
  12. Do a final inspection and tap any protruding panels into position.

Advanced Installation Notes:

You may trim the Edge Tile to suit your rink size. Each Edge Tile can be trimmed a maximum of 2.75” (70mm). Use a table saw to trim the individual Edge pcs to width, cutting along the flat side. Corner Tiles will require the same trim to ensure a good fit.

If you are installing a synthetic ice rink to fit tightly to a room or curb where temperature fluctuates, allow a gap for expansion during warmer weather. Rule of thumb is to allow ½” for every 10 ft of distance; this applies to length and width.

Un-installing PowerIce:

Our Synthetic Ice can be un-installed and re-installed many times. Place knee on adjacent panel and lift until just the end is still locked. Gently twist panel to release last edge. To re-install, follow standard installation instructions.

Cleaning: To clean the PowerIce Synthetic Rink broom off any debris & dust. Then take a pail of warm water and add mild dish soap to pail then mop surface to get any excess grim off. Then take a dry towel to dry the top surface.

Enjoying your PowerIce rink

PowerIce Synthetic Ice is just like real ice! Once you skate on the rink, you will see scratches appearing. Do not be alarmed; this is normal. In fact, PowerIce has been engineered to perform with this in mind. Our trademarked AAF™ (Accelerated AntiFriction) is through the entire thickness of the panel, therefore you will continue to enjoy an excellent skating surface. If at any time you wish to completely renew your rink, simply un-install, flip all the panels over, and re-install!

Download and print these instructions.