10ft x 25ft PowerIce MAX kit

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All the same features and benefits of our PowerIce Kits, PowerIce MAX Kits have larger main tiles. 3/8" x 36" x 72" tiles offer fewer seams and faster installation for larger ice-surfaces.

PowerIce interlocking ice skating tiles allow you to create a synthetic ice rink on any flat surface. 

Set it up anywhere: Basements, Driveway, Back yard, Garage, Community Space, etc.

PowerIce has the same technology on both sides, allowing maximum flexibility in configuration and longevity.

PowerIce is designed with self lubricating technology that never requires maintenance. Sweep, pressure wash or damp mop to keep your ice surface like new.

Our kits include the tiles, edge tiles and corner tiles you need to quickly and easily assemble one of our small training rinks in under an hour. Larger rinks may require a bit more installation time

A 10 ft. x 25 ft. PowerIce MAX Kit. Includes 12 MAX tiles, 22 Edge Tiles, and 4 Corner Tiles.